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Cruise Lines Don't Want You To See This Website... But I'm Going To Show It To You Anyway!

Never Again Be Ripped-Off Buying Over-Priced, Over-Crowded Shore Excursions

From the desk of: David Palmar

Hello cruise enthusiasts:

Have you been caught in the biggest cruise line money trap?

Huge profits are made by cruise lines selling you overpriced and over-crowded shore excursions.

Shore excursions can cost more than the cruise itself... airfare included!

Wondering what I’m talking about, since all your food, room and entertainment  are included in the cost of the cruise?

If you've cruised before you know exactly what I'm talking about …while everything on the ship is included in the price you paid – 

it doesn’t include anything you want to do on shore! 

And even if you’re an experienced “cruiser” you might not know there’s a solution.

Every itinerary visits different ports and you may have a few hours to up to a day at a destination. 

Best thing is you'll have the opportunity to explore these places and there are an infinite variety of ideas and experiences just waiting for you.

In fact, for many people, it’s the shore excursions that add that extra pizzazz and spice to their cruise and give them those special lifetime memories. 

But this is also one of the ways the cruise lines make huge profits - by selling you over-priced and over-crowded shore excursions.

To this I say…


Now it’s possible to have three times as much fun on shore excursions while only investing half the money.

Here’s why you should listen to me:

As an in-demand enrichment lecturer for several cruise lines, I've had the opportunity to travel extensively to exotic places like Alaska, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

One of the things I noticed, and one of the things I constantly hear complaints about, is the high cost cruise lines charge for mediocre (at best) shore excursions.

The problem

Cruise lines use fear tactics to get you to book through them.

They warn you that, if you don’t use their services, you’ll get left behind – should you return late or experience a mishap while you’re on your excursion.

They tell you that if you fail to arrive back to the ship on time – YOU are responsible to get to the next port of call if you fail to arrive back on the ship on time.

Or they caution you about getting ripped off if you don’t book through them.

Like I said, they use fear tactics to control you—or should I say blackmail you—into doing business with them.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not against using the cruise ship services to book excursions— I’m against them making it seem as if it’s your best or only option.

Because that is simply not true.

And that’s why I've written my ebook Shore Excursions on the Cheap which reveals all the "under-the-radar" techniques for saving BIG.

cruise shore excursions cheap 

You see, you shouldn’t be strong armed in to booking your shore excursions with the cruise line just because they say it’s the only wise option.

Let me be frank with you. 

Cruise lines have a defacto monopoly when it comes to shore excursions. 

They have it locked up. And they don’t want you to know the truth…

The truth is…

You don’t have to:

pay more to get peace of mind

settle for overcrowded or boring excursions

trade off your excursion enjoyment for safety

That’s right.

You can take control and go on the excursions that you want to go on—and save big-money in the process.

You do have options.

Let me step back for a moment…

Why do you go on a cruise?

Is it to relax? Travel to exotic places? Create lasting memories? Be pampered? Do what you’ve always dreamed of? Bond with your love ones?

Well, no matter what your motivation for cruising, picking the right shore excursion will only enhance the experience.

And that experience should not be ruled by fear. Nor should you be manipulated into booking an excursion because the cruise line used fear tactics.

After all you’re not going on the cruise for free. You’ve paid good money for this vacation.

And since you’re paying for it—you deserve to get the most for your money, so that you can experience those things that you’ve always wanted to try – right?

Shouldn’t it bring you happiness and joy every time you remember it?

Shouldn’t it put a smile on your face when you tell your friends about your trip?

I think it should.

And I reveal how you can achieve this for each and every future cruise excursion.

And that’s why I want to share these real “insider’s secrets” with you – so you’ll learn everything you need to know about how you can get the best, most memorable – and least expensive shore excursions – not just for your next cruise but each and every future cruise!

Learn the same secrets travel professionals use when they go on vacation…

You’re going to discover in my Shore Excursions on the Cheap ebook the industry secrets, tips and options that travel agents, cruise professionals and those on the “inside” of the travel business all know.  

Shore Excursions on the Cheap will open up a whole new world of possibilities for grabbing all the gusto on your next cruise -- without breaking the bank.

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing exactly which shore excursions are your best options.

You’ll never again be pressured into accepting overpriced shore excursions—unless you know it is your best option.

You’ll know exactly where to look – and what to say – to get the absolute best price and best excursion each and every time you cruise.

In fact, I’ve crammed every single tip, trick and secret “insider’s technique” I know – and I’ve even grilled another expert to help you save money on all your future shore excursions.  

Here’s just a little taste of what you’ll discover:

  • How and where to get up to 50% off the same shore excursions being sold by the cruise lines.

  • You’ll understand how to evaluate the different excursion opportunities – and know exactly which ones will be the safest and more secure and give you the best value for your money – before you even step foot onboard the ship!

  • You’ll know exactly what questions to ask your cruise provider – and what answers to watch out for.

  • You'll even discover how to custom tailor your own shore excursions so that you can do EXACTLY what you want to do FOR AS LONG as you want to do it... no more feeling like lined up cattle. 

  •  You'll discover the steps you must take to minimize risks and increase your safety.

But I’ll also reveal to you that there are occasions when…

Booking through the cruise line
maybe the best option

I know, you’re probably thinking why am I, making a pitch for the cruise line when I just told you that they use fear to pressure you into booking with them.

The reason is simple. There are times when booking with the cruise line is the best option and with Shore Excursions on the Cheap  you'll learn exactly when that is.

You Won't Find This Information Anywhere Else

I know, I've looked.  

In fact, I’ll give you insider tips and tactics that will reduce your cost while increasing your enjoyment.

Why did I create
Shore Excursions on the Cheap?


I don’t want you to be strong armed into booking through the cruise lines if it’s not the absolute best choice for you...

I want you to be in control of your excursion experience…

Your experience should be full of positive memories…

You shouldn’t be manipulated by fear tactics…

You should know that you have options…

You don’t have to pay a high price to experience intimate, cozy or personalized excursions…

The bottom line is… you have options.

And I’ll show you where they are. And how you can utilize them to your benefit.

First let me recap what you get in Shore Excursions on the Cheap.

In it you’ll discover:

How and where  to book memorable high-quality excursions cheap…

How to ensure your excursion safety…

What questions you should ask and to whom... 

Where to find the best prices on excursions packages…

How to evaluate the best value of an excursion BEFORE YOU BUY…

You no longer have to be manipulated or strong armed into booking overpriced cruise ship excursions.

And your experiences, like MasterCard says, are priceless.

You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to create your own unique experience that will bring you joyful memories long after the cruise has ended – and remember, once you know these secrets, you’re going to be able to use them again and again – on every cruise you take!

But wait! There's more… 

Amazing Bonuses!

Not only will you get everything described above, but look at what else you'll get when you get your own copy of Shore Excursions on the Cheap

Free Bonus 1: The Savvy Pauper's Guide to Saving Bucks on a Cruise – Special Report – by noted travel author Victor Pryles. This Special Report is loaded with tips and tricks that will show you how to save big on incidentals and shore-side expenses during your cruises. In fact, I used just two techniques outlined in this report during my last cruise to Alaska to personally save over $175 in shore-side meals and entertainment. If you love “traveling large” on a tiny budget you're going to love this bonus.  The report is so chock-full of money-saving techniques that it will easily save you over $500 per cruising year!

Free Bonus 2: Captain Cook's Journal During His First Voyage Round The World If you love cruising and the sea you're going love this complete journal describing Captain Cook's first round the world voyage. Talk about action-adventure. This account is fascinating and completely unabridged. I can see you, feet-up, reclining on a deck chair enjoying this riveting story on sea days.

Thanks for these valuable bonuses, I'm ready to get mine.

I Stand Behind My Products

shore excursions on the cheap guarantee

So what have you got to lose?

Only the pain of ... going on lifeless or over priced excursions that you’ll be too happy to forget forever.


Wondering what the investment  is for this amazing ebook?

You can own Shore Excursions on the Cheap and get all the valuable bonuses listed above for only a measly $18.97! (That's only two large lattes.)  Plus, you get my full 8 week no-risk, no-questions asked, iron-clad guarantee. 

Thanks For Making This A No-Risk Offer, I'll Take My Copy Now!

Here's the remarkable thing: You'll save save more than that the FIRST TIME YOU USE THIS MATERIAL.

Let me wrap this up for you…

Here's what you'll be receiving
 with your order...

More intimate cruise excursions…with your loved ones 

The ABC’s of selecting the best cruise excursions… so you’ll  never pay higher prices again

How to have more memorable trips… so when you look back on your experience it brings a smile to your face

How to save money and ensure that you enjoy every moment on and off shore

How to evaluate cruise excursion options and compare them

How to minimize risks and increase your excursion safety…so you’re not at the mercy of unethical excursion operators

Where to gather your excursion information

If you are a cruiser this offer is an absolute no-brainer for you.  

Thanks For Putting This Package Together, I'll Take My Copy Now!

I can show you the door. I have shown you the door! :)  It is now up to you to walk through it.

Easy way to order on our Secure Servers...

If you’re tired wasting your hard-earned cash on mediorce shore excursions then this is the ebook for you.  

If you want to create memories that you can relive over and over again with your family or share with your friends.

If you want to be in control, over what you do and not leave it to chance or the monopolistic cruise lines.

If you want to know, what questions to ask before you book an excursion--like do you have liability insurance?

Or where to look for specific information about a tour.

Then "Shore Excursions on the Cheap" is what you need.

Start saving on your cruise excursions today. Improve the quality of your excursions with the click of a mouse.

I've Heard Enough, I Want My Copy Now.

Come on... Let your next cruise experience be the best you’ve been on in years.

Yours for quality cruise excursions on the cheap,

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